Suining Riverfront, Sichuan, China

LC_2701 Commercial, F&B, Hospitality, Institutional, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Mixed-Use, Multi-Purpose, Private, Retail, Dining & Entertainment, Theme Park

Spanning 1.5 km, this waterfront recreation district serves as the primary cultural district of Suining, at prefecture in central Sichuan province. Drawing from the rich history of Suining, and its local mythology, we created seven districts, each defined in spirit and function by principles of Guanyin philosophy: Gathering; Wellness; Discovery; Harmony; Mercy; Learning; and Conservation. The architectural assemblies and material …

Le Mans Racing Community Masterplan, Tainan Township, Taiwan

LC_2701 Commercial, F&B, Hospitality, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Mixed-Use, Multi-Purpose, Private, Residential, Retail, Dining & Entertainment, Streetscapes, Theme Park

As the first international-standard Le Mans speedway in Taiwan, this resort town will create economic growth and social development opportunities for the country. To maximize the economic benefits, this resort community will include a variety of car-themed entertainment, cultural venues, business and commerce opportunities, as well as accommodations for tourist living ranging from serviced apartments to car camping.