China Wine Country Visitor Center, Chengdu, China

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One of China’s top pre-mixed beverage brands has established a new plant at the base of the Tibetan Plateau to develop their new domestic brand of spirits. The parcel directly to the south is set aside for tourism uses, and features rustic cask storage, conference center, museum, food and beverage, and temporary hospitality services.

Tongji University Design Studio, SP2018, Shanghai, China

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In Spring 2018 we taught a design studio at Tongji University with our host professor, Wang Jun Yang. We introduced two of Shanghai’s most important historic parcels for study: the Dong Ba Kuai “shikumen” neighborhood of Jing’an District. Placing priority on the careful balance of historic preservation and revitalization, the student work featured here revolves around the theme of “Fashion” as one of the early industries in global urban revitalization and as an important factor in Shanghai’s history. Students: Gao Zhou, Wang Yu Ting, Zhang Jin Yi, Guo Qiu Hua, Huang Na Wei and Ka Na Ku Ya (Marvin). HDC visiting critics: Tim Geisler and Marco Egidi. Teaching Assistant: Delta Li

Meili Wellness Resort, Yunnan, China

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The hot springs resort town of Tengchong in southern Yunnan Province affords unique opportunities for vacationers to relax and enjoy the mountain scenery. The owner of this exclusive guest house is a green wall manufacturer from Beijing who seeks a great investment in China’s hinterlands. Featuring the latest in green energy management and attention to local and regional materials, this resort sets a new benchmark for the region.

MoBar On-Demand Cinemas, Shanghai, China

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MoBar holds the patent for a unique craft beer vending product, and is leveraging it to create a unique entertainment experience in Shanghai’s Xuhui District. Their passion for craft beer and American memorabilia led us to settle on a googie style treatment. Adjoined to one of the city’s new 1,000-unit “talent apartment” compounds, this cinema provides the area’s premier entertainment amenity.

Disney’s Wandering Moon Restaurant, Shanghai, China

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In China’s classical age there lived a beautiful poet traveler named Wandering Moon. From her travels she brought home with her stories, music and artwork which she lovingly placed in her home. In time she opened her home to travelers as a tea house. As it grew in popularity she added dining rooms, each based on a place she had …

Makkan Restaurant, Shanghai, China

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Inspired by the memory of travel and food, this restaurant’s design stems from fusion of middle eastern and Chinese patterns. Applying the transformation of abstracted shaped of primary geometries the interior partition screens are designed to provide privacy in the dining niches. The core of the restaurant inspired by the cave carvings of the deserts of Xinjiang serves as a …

Zephyr Street Accessory Dwelling Unit, Arvada, Colorado

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In 2010 the City of Arvada, Colorado passed an ordinance allowing “Accessory Dwelling Units” (ADU’s) on residential properties. Shelley Cook’s ADU takes advantage of the property’s location near Arvada’s historic Olde Town, and her neighborhood’s New Urbanist planning principles. The unit was designed for maximum efficiency, convenience and comfort, with advantageous solar orientation and external shading, super-insulating structural insulated panel …

Suining Riverfront, Sichuan, China

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Spanning 1.5 km, this waterfront recreation district serves as the primary cultural district of Suining, at prefecture in central Sichuan province. Drawing from the rich history of Suining, and its local mythology, we created seven districts, each defined in spirit and function by principles of Guanyin philosophy: Gathering; Wellness; Discovery; Harmony; Mercy; Learning; and Conservation. The architectural assemblies and material …