Storefront Initiative, Denver, Colorado

LC_2701 Commercial, Community Initiative, Streetscapes

We founded Denver’s Storefront Initiative as a major step in the revival of Denver’s historic but underutilized mixed-use neighborhoods in 2009 and following. By installing vibrant graphics with educational messages on the role of design in the community, we empowered recovering neighborhoods and made historic commercial streets safer.

Disney’s Wandering Moon Restaurant, Shanghai, China

LC_2701 Commercial, Community Initiative, F&B, Landscape Architecture, Private, Retail, Dining & Entertainment, Theme Park

In China’s classical age there lived a beautiful poet traveler named Wandering Moon. From her travels she brought home with her stories, music and artwork which she lovingly placed in her home. In time she opened her home to travelers as a tea house. As it grew in popularity she added dining rooms, each based on a place she had …

Shanghai Renewal Center, Shanghai, China

LC_2701 Commercial, Community Initiative, Education, Post-Secondary, F&B, Institutional, Multi-Purpose

The Renewal Center is dedicated to supporting non-governmental organizations in Shanghai. In May 2015 HDC collaborated with Foster + Partners to develop ideas for how to transform the Center’s space. “…The results are fantastic. It not only expands the space for our vital drop-in services, it helps us use our space more efficiently. And as a wonderful bonus, it’s just …

Odyssey School, Denver, Colorado

LC_2701 Community Initiative, Education, K-12, F&B, Institutional, Multi-Purpose

The school’s teaching philosophy is to provide expeditionary learning. Hyperform’s design proposal reflects the Odyssey School’s core values and ideas, envisioning the campus as a venue and landscape for adventure, focused on students’ health, artistic expression and social needs. Open air classrooms, performance stage, group circles, rich natural elements in the playground, synthetic art, a challenge course, sensory habitat garden, active wetlands, …

Zephyr Street Accessory Dwelling Unit, Arvada, Colorado

LC_2701 Community Initiative, Private, Residential

In 2010 the City of Arvada, Colorado passed an ordinance allowing “Accessory Dwelling Units” (ADU’s) on residential properties. Shelley Cook’s ADU takes advantage of the property’s location near Arvada’s historic Olde Town, and her neighborhood’s New Urbanist planning principles. The unit was designed for maximum efficiency, convenience and comfort, with advantageous solar orientation and external shading, super-insulating structural insulated panel …